How I Discovered My Business Opportunity

Because of the pandemic, I was temporarily laid off from my career as an Event Manager at the hotel I was working at. I was expected to return in the summer of that same year, but the number of cases kept increasing in our country and was extended until the end of the year.

Around the same time, our three kids couldn’t safely go back to school and daycare because of the same reason. Since I am not working, and the kids’ are being home-schooled, we all stayed home. By this time, we were preparing for the worst, meaning; if the kids need to stay home again in the upcoming school year, someone needs to stay home with them; which means I can’t go back to a regular 9–5 job. Fortunately, my husband was able to continue working because his career is considered essential.

Since we were preparing for the worst, I wanted to find a job or a new career that will allow me to work from home with a flexible schedule, even if it’s a temporary gig.

To find a job or temporary new career, I would go online every day to look at job sites and see what positions would be available for me. I struggled to find something that I think I would be suitable for but only to find out that they want someone with a degree in that field.

That means if I really wanted to pursue these positions, I would need to go back to school, which would cost me money that I don’t have, and it would mean taking time away from taking care of my family. Then, there’s still no guarantee if I will secure a position with great pay.

But if I don’t keep looking for new opportunities that will allow me to work from home with a flexible schedule, I won’t be able to help my husband support our family of 5, and we won’t be able to afford a bigger place to live in.

I also want to be home and present for our kids when they get home from school because my mom was, and I loved coming home when Mom was home.

We also want to support our kids financially when they need it the most because our parents could afford to help us when we needed it the most. With all of the help we received, I want to pay it forward back to them.

Also, I don’t want my kids to feel that I failed them as a parent because I couldn’t give them a better life when I’m more than capable. I want to set an example for my kids that you get up and keep trying until you win when you are down. I want them to feel proud and emulate the attitude that their parents did not give up.

That made me feel awful and sick to my stomach. It made me feel helpless because I thought with all of these great work experiences I have, it should be enough for me to secure something, but I learned quickly that’s not enough. With a competitive job market, employers have plenty of more qualified candidates to choose from.

That’s when I knew it’s time to learn how to make money online and create a side hustle that will help answer our heart’s desires.

I’ve partnered with a couple of direct sales companies in the past. The first company opened my eyes to the idea of earning residual income because it helped me to pay my college debts and create a healthy credit score as a 21-year-old. The second company taught me that I first need to develop myself before developing others to be successful in anything I do.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened.

One day, I chatted with a friend, and she was my sister sideline in the second company I partnered with. She told me how she earns money online now, the products she sells and her personal brand, helping entrepreneurs with Influential Marketing.

I then learned how to earn income without the pressure of building a team and selling products online without being spammy. That’s when I realized I discovered the perfect company to partner with that is not yet saturated, and they have so many benefits to offer their customers and marketers.

I planned to join and start a home-based business with this new company, give the products a try, learn their income-producing activities, learn how to create a massive customer based business and when I’ve achieved this goal, that’s when I can feel comfortable building a team because I can confidently teach them how to do it. I also wanted to observe how others are creating success in the field and develop my own strategy to build my success that feels delicious.

Since I already have a blog, this would be a great place to create my personal brand.

I still didn’t know how effective the products were, and I had to wait until I’ve seen a drastic improvement in my body before I want to start promoting and implementing the tools I’ve learned.

But then something happened, I saw progress by using their products. I knew it was too early, but I wanted to test out the waters and see what reaction I will get. So then, I decided to share my discovery on my personal social media account and implement the strategies I’ve learned.

When I saw how many of my friends and family were asking about what it was, I was taking or doing, that’s when I knew the strategy worked.

Although it didn’t create any sales for me yet, it created many conversations for me instead. I practiced what I’ve learned and understood what works for my audience and what didn’t without telling them what I was “actually” trying to do.

Then after five months of consistently using the products and tweaking my daily habits, I finally saw the drastic improvement I’ve been waiting for. I posted my results and photos on social media, and the engagement it created made me decide that this is my place.

I finally discovered a product and system that worked for me, which I can share with others and show them another way of achieving their own goals.

Because of my social post and using the strategies I’ve learned, I helped 3 of my family and friends become a customer and get started with their journey.

The day I decided to join and sign-up as a marketer, I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to learn. It took me on a massive personal development adventure. Everything I’ve learned about the idea of creating residual income, passive income, how to build a successful business led me to create what I have created today.

I learned about the power of mindset, consistency, creating a habit, attracting abundance, and sticking to my non-negotiables. I learned how to speak with people without being spammy, I learned the power of creating meaningful relationships, and I was able to surround myself with a community who also thinks the same.

I haven’t earned my massive earnings yet, but I know I'm on the right path with my knowledge and everything else I’m about to learn.



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